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Liz Zebold

Licensed Massage Practitioner
Reiki Master, Teacher


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With over 17 years of experience, you are in good hands!


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About Elizabeth Zebold, LMP

Liz is committed to helping people through therapeutic touch and compassionate presence. Her approach to bodywork is strongly grounded in practical technique, yet she holds awareness of emotional and spiritual elements that contribute to physical health. She is known for her discernment in sessions, using both techniques for specific muscle work and  her intuitive ability for deeper energetic healing.  Liz truly cares about the well-being of all people and provides an experience of comfort, attention, and personalized care.

Liz enjoyed living in Skagit County for almost 30 years, and raised two daughters there. She is currently living and working on the Key Peninsula, west of Tacoma. Liz loves playing in and exploring wild areas, growing organic gardens, community co-creation, and living in a tiny house with her husband and her canine friend Belo, who frequently resides in office. (Belo has been a peaceful and gentle presence in my office since he was a pup.  If you have concerns, lets talk. He does not have to be there.)

Liz is guided by a practice of goodwill, compassion and life long study.

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After studying Music Therapy and clarinet performance at the University of the Pacific for two years, Liz finished her studies at Western Washington University, earning a degree in Environmental Science, Applied Human Ecology. She found massage to be the perfect way to unite this background of healing and biology, bringing together her love of helping people and studying the human body.  After many years of  massage work, Liz has a growing understanding about how energetic and spiritual influences affect our physical bodies. Her practice is evolving to include a focus on these elements. She became a Reiki Master and Teacher to provide more complete care for her clients with all aspects of well being.

Liz graduated from the Port Townsend School of Massage in 2006 and finished her Advanced Certification in Orthopedic Massage there in 2010. She began her Reiki training in 2018 and finished her level three Reiki Master teacher training in 2022.  Liz is always learning and practicing new skills and ways of combining therapeutic massage with energy work. Her favorite classroom is her office working with diverse people and their unique needs.

If you are interested in receiving more information on Reiki treatment or training click here.


Liz's Massage Style

Liz uses a creative selection of techniques and styles to ensure a massage experience that is healing, relaxing and unique. She has training in many different styles of massage, including Advanced Certification in Orthopedic Assessment and Treatment, Thai Yoga Massage, Deep Tissue, and Swedish relaxation, allowing her to adapt to your specific and individual needs each session. Liz is also a Reiki master and teacher.  She is known for her ability to work deeply and specifically when needed, and also her acute intuitive sense for healing touch. 

You can choose to receive a therapeutic massage, a combination of massage and Reiki, or a dedicated Reiki session.  After 17 years in practice, Liz is very happy to be working more with the energetic components of physical and emotional health with Reiki.   This type of energy work adds a depth to healing that many of her clients find extremely valuable in healing the parts of themselves that hands alone can't reach. 


A lifetime study of human behavior, relationship dynamics, and a deep spiritual practice adds to Liz's ability to connect with a wide variety of people, making each session comfortable and nurturing as well as therapeutically beneficial.


Liz is passionate about helping people on their path of healing and self care. With over 17 years of practical experience, you can trust you are in good hands with Liz!

Learn more about Liz's Reiki Journey



Liz has a way of knowing what needs deep work and what needs some tender care. Taking note of my entire body she has helped me relieve tension and old injuries in my neck, shoulder, elbow and hips. I am a wreck and she is helping me relax, regain range of motion and flexibility. I actually skip around for days after a massage with Liz.

Angela W.

I've required regular massage for the past 40 years, so I recognize a skilled, therapeutic massage when I feel it. Liz is honestly one of the best I've encountered. Her knowledge of anatomy, and her sensitive ability to sus out the source of a muscular problem, ensures that I get a unique and focused experience each time and I can feel the effects for days. There are many massage therapists nearer me, I drive 30 minutes and pay a bridge toll to visit Liz, but it's certainly worth it and I will continue seeing her. I highly recommend Liz Zebold.

Stacey O.




Therapeutic Massage - One hour - $100

Therapeutic Massage - One and a half hours - $150

Reiki Healing session - One Hour - $80

Reiki Healing session - One and a half hours -$120

Combination massage and Reiki is available and will be billed at current massage rates.

I can provide a detailed receipt if you wish to seek reimbursement from your insurance provider.

Insurance Policy


The Key Center Health and Professional Center

8903 Key Peninsula Highway

Lakebay WA

Adjacent to the Key Center Library

(360) 319-8941

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