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Basic Couples and Family Massage

Learn to care for your partner or family with basic massage skills, simple anatomy, and pro tips.

Lending a Helping Hand

Many of my clients through the years have expressed a desire to be able to give and receive effective massages at home with their partner, friend, or family member.  Neck tension from stress, tight shoulders, achy feet, low back tension - if only your partner could help. They can!

People hesitate to help each other because they don't feel confident, they are afraid of hurting someone (or themselves), or just don't know where to start.

I developed a hands-on class to teach some basic massage technique and simple anatomy, and help people to discover their own intuition and sensitivity.  There is no need to have a massage table at home.  This is not a certified massage class, but a way to help people feel more confident and knowledgeable in helping their loved ones.  As I will be working with both of you, we have an opportunity to focus on each person's particular needs and tailor the class to helping with those. 

Topics covered include:

  • Set and Setting

  • Suggestions for Positioning

  • Basic Anatomy of commonly sore areas

  • Massage stroke techniques

  • Developing an intuitive flow

This class is fun, informative and practical, and is tailored to the specific pair I am working with.   It is a beautiful way to bring more compassion and care in to your relationship.

Please call for more information or to schedule a personalized class!


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