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Reiki Training

I hope that my words serve as a good introduction to who I am and how I teach, and that you may find connection in what I offer.

My Story

I have always been interested in the unseen components of healing.  My life's path has led me to understanding what this means for me in many ways.  As a massage practitioner, I needed to lean in to and learn more practical ways of addressing the unseen components of my clients' over all health.  The study of Reiki called to me, and I responded.

I began my study of Reiki in 2018 as a way to put in to practice what I innately knew.  What I think we all know, or suspect, about our capacity as humans to heal.  I have found Reiki to be a good template for this innate capacity to impart healing energy. 

I have taken my time to study, to practice, to feel in to how Reiki works for me, and how I can help others to find this for themselves.  I do follow a traditional method for teaching familiar in the lineage of Usui. I also hope to help others fine tune this practice in light of their own natural inclination.

I see the study of Reiki as a template, a practice, and a good method.  I wish to help other people to learn and grow and develop this practice so we can bring more healing light to our communities.


Schedule a Consultation Call

At this time, I am offering individual classes at a mutually upon agreed time.  Let's talk!

Our Clients

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